Simple Time Tracker for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Students and many others...

“Time is more precious than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”

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  • Be more productive everywhere on any platform: windows, mac, linux, ...
  • Improve the focus and avoid distractions, procrastination and waste of time: After just a month of tracking your time, you’ll begin to see how much time you waste throughout the day. You will also know the reasons for poor time management
  • Boost Motivation: you see progress and the time spent on each project

How it works:

  1. Write the project/task/goal you are working on and the start the timer ( you can choose the pomodoro timer in settings )
  2. Once you started the timer/pomodoro, then you MUST focus on your project/task/goal without distraction until you stop it ( or the pomodoro is stopped automatically )
  3. Take a short break of 5-10 minutes or a long break of 20-30 minutes if you have worked more than 2 hours. Breaks keep your mind fresh and focused
  4. See the Statistics and get motivated by your progress: how much time you have spent on your projects/goals/tasks, your most productive days, time, ...